© Kevin Chao
© Kevin Chao

I am an Earth scientist interested in active tectonics, earthquakes,  geodesy, geochronology, and geomorphology. I study and think about faults. Much of my research has been focused on how strain is distributed in the crust across plate boundaries. More recently my work as a consultant has included seismic hazards and probabilistic hazard assessments.

In my work, I aim to:
– Determine the rates of slip on active faults
– Understand the distribution of strain in space and time
– Determine the history of earthquake ruptures
– Connect surficial geomorphic expressions to underlying tectonic activity
– Estimate potential fault displacements during earthquake ruptures

To that end, I use a variety of techniques:
– Detailed field mapping
– High resolution geodetic imaging (airborne and terrestrial LiDAR)
– Cosmogenic nuclide geochronology
– Geodetic-grade GPS surveying
– Paleoseismic trenching

© Kevin Chao
© Kevin Chao

Earth Scientist