As a consultant, I focused on geologic and seismic hazard assessment of infrastructure, particularly pipelines. Geologic hazards include:

  • Landslides and other slope stability issues
  • Fluid withdrawal ground subsidence
  • Underground mine collapse
  • Karst
  • Seismic ground shaking
  • Fault rupture of the ground surface

Most of these assessments include analysis of LiDAR topographic data and aerial photography, aerial reconnaissance, and traditional boots-on-the-ground fieldwork. These projects also include building and maintaining large GIS geodatabases to inventory and analyze hazards.

I also work on projects that include fault characterization and probabilistic fault displacement hazard assessment (PFDHA). Recently I worked on a project to characterize many of the major faults in the San Francisco Bay area and estimate their displacement across critical lifelines.

I am currently a licensed professional geologist in Idaho and Washington.

Earth Scientist